An Interactive skatepark, generative art sculpture, projection mapping installation.
We turned real life into an animated gif and skated it.
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Phenomenal, Miami partnered with NikeSB and MIA Skateshop to create an innovative popup experience for the release of the MIA 10 Year Anniversary shoe. The result was Phenomenal Radness, a skateable, projection mapped, generative art sculpture in the Miami Design District on Go Skateboarding Day 2013. The installation consists of three unique software / video pieces: Rad Hormigas, Rad Coral, Rad Lapse. The tech? Kinect->KinectCoreVision->Processing->VDMX->MadMapper->6 projectors. Big, big thanks to NikeSB, MIA Skateshop, Mike Atwood for the time lapse and skate footage, Coral Morphologic for the coral footage, Matt Roy for the skate stills, the processing community, Chris Williams, Tiffany, Matt and all the rest at DACRA, Forest Kirby, Danny Fuenzalida, Keen One, Abe Bethel, Dre, Koki, Lazaro Reyes, Rene Perez Jr., Rafael Lynch, Reefa, Jay Ramps for building the art park and the Miami skateboarding community for coming through and riding in the dark.
Made with love in the Bermuda Triangle by Phenomenal, Miami.
2013 CC BY 3.0 . Contact Us . Follow us on Tumblr
Created with love in the Bermuda Triangle by Phenomenal Experience Agency. Phenomenal is Ed Selego and Eric Cade Schoenborn. We are 100% about creating innovative experiences through collaboration and fun.
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